3D X-Rays (Cone Beams)

A 3D X-ray is like taking a cat scan of your tooth. It shows the tooth is three dimensions where a normal X-ray only shows it in two.

The latest in dental healthcare technology is here along with a dramatic boost in patient-care outcomes. 3D X-ray (aka “Cone Beam”) technology now gives dentists a true three-dimensional model of their patient’s teeth. Providing a clearer view of the bone structures, soft tissues, and nerve pathways in and around the teeth, the Cone Beam Imaging System enables your dentist to make a better diagnosis for treatment and provide even more exceptional levels of care for their patients. Dentists who use 3D X-ray imaging can more easily detect:

  • Areas of bone loss
  • Developmental abnormalities
  • Cracks or damage in existing dental fillings
  • Infection in the nerve
  • Cysts and abscesses
  • Decay between the teeth
  • Tumors

With digital radiography, your dentist and dental team can identify oral health problems more efficiently and accurately than ever before.

What Is Cone Beam X-Ray Scanning?

Cone beam X-ray technology scans the face and mouth to create elaborate 3D images for patients and their providers. In under a minute, the cone beams take hundreds of pictures, which the Cone Beam Imaging software then compiles into an exact 3D representation of the jaw and teeth. Your dentist can use this digital 3D model to gain previously impossible insights with traditional two-dimensional scanning technology.

How Does Digital 3D Imaging Improve Dental Care?

The clarity achieved with 3D imaging allows dental-care providers to save enormous amounts of time while obtaining extremely accurate information about their patients’ teeth. As a result, dental implants, veneers, crowns, and other procedures are implemented with much greater skill. For example, veneers and crowns can be made that more exactly match each patient’s unique tooth structures. Because tooth structures are very different from person to person, dentists who have 3D X-ray data learn what they need without making the patient endure as many lengthy appointments.

Aspen Heights brings this technology to Lehi so that our patients can enjoy the benefits of higher quality, less invasive, and more efficient procedures and return to their lives in no time!

When patients require same-day treatment for dental emergencies, we need the most accurate imaging data possible and fast. Cone beam technology allows us to obtain exactly that, which helps us respond with a higher degree of awareness of the exact cause and extent of the issue. What is often a scary and painful experience for patients can be more quickly and accurately understood, and a faster response time itself contributes to greater peace of mind during dental emergencies. Above all, if your dentist has 3D X-ray imaging, the quality and planning of dental work can improve in every way.

What Does It Entail?

3D X-ray scans are very quick and simple, lasting less than a minute. They only require the patient to sit still, just as they did for the traditional CT-scanning process. What used to take several minutes now only takes 30-40 seconds and creates a far more useful result. Cone Beam Imaging Systems are also healthier than CT scans because cone beams produce 10-times less radiation and are over within a fraction of the time. It’s even cheaper than traditional dental imaging methods, and the finest dental offices everywhere are making the switch.

Aspen Heights – Exceptional Dental Care Outcomes

You deserve the best dental care possible with the highest degree of advancement in new technologies and techniques. To learn more about how digital radiography with new cone beam technology can improve your dental experience and treatment, we welcome you to contact Aspen Heights Dental – voted “Best Dentist” by Utah Valley Magazine in 2021. We are committed to the dental care needs of the Lehi, Utah, community, and we look forward to hearing from you!